Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This title has been removed by Google due to odourous content


I am seated here,
stained with insouciance
on this chair,
drenched in apathy
and i don't care,
if this fucking rhymes or not

did you expect a serious poem?
ha ha
ha ha
Haw Haw as Nelson would say
Nelson from The Simpsons,
not the Jetsons

Oh shit, this is bad poetry,
these are actually just random phrases
maybe i'll use the backspace button,
wait a minute, someone might find this verse,
inspiring, banal, or satanic in reverse.

hey those last two lines
sound quite naiice
* some text missing *
i like
i lucidly like
thats called repetition
its a poetic device
i prefer a torture device
then i would be Jigsaw
(I want to play a game)
without the mask

so this is my blog
and you just wasted your time
reading this
are you still reading?
stop. no really. stop it.
it only gets worse

i once stole a womans purse
but she was a witch
and she cast a curse
(that bitch)
upon I
which compelled Me
to murder Myself

It wasnt suicide
it was homicide
Myself saw Me in the mirror
when Myself turned around
Me was in the mirror
HOW could this be
HOW did ME see

And I saw Me inhale
and didn't let Myself exhale
this is an unsolved mystery
They let him die
no one realized
the key witness was I

wasn't that nice?
do you eat rice?
do you think that genetic testing should be done on mice?
do you think i have had severe psychological breakdowns more than thrice ?
and 1 case of frontal lobe lice

dude, are you impressed?
or depressed?
or repressed?
i is a lyrical genious
is that how you spell genious?

Step 5: If you do not own Komaita (thick wooden board to hold down the dough when cutting), cut from the right edge of the Hama in the thickness of 3mm.


Note: the above is an example of why i am single, and close to insanity or fatal boredom (i forget which). so if any girls reading this are interested, please leave me your name, number and address so i can kidnap you and wait for Stockholm syndrome to set in. Peace.

Actually written in late 2008.


X said...

very compelling read... u have a way with words. its got dark strange sense of humour about it and i think that makes it something unusual...different from what most people post in their blogs :D doea this sound too tabloid reviewish type :D ?

Anurag said...

It sucks!

but keep at it. :)

Ani said...

Lisa Snowdon

catch me if you can :P

Get your ass back to Mysore mate!

anjali said...

It was a poem very typical of you Hari...but it was "naiice". Cheers! =) [ It was not deep in the conventional sense but anyone who reads it would get an idea of the kind of person that you are!]

insatiablyfunny said...

I think you're great :) but i'm really not a benchmark for anyone... thanks for being sweet anyway.

You have a GREAT style! Keep at it... but stop trashing yourself so much... coz.. well you're lying. :D

pEgAsus said...

lol.. its hilarious for a load of crap..:D
and yes.. typical of you..!:) blog more often boy!
-LB bitch!

me said...

good god!
this was beyond random!
me is liking it!!
oh n one word- update!

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this da?

No offence of course.

me said...

oh n i have another bitchy statement to make... what the hell is the deal with x?? :)
"dark strange sense of humor"... hehehehahahahahahah!! :)

clueless said...

ahem. still single then?

Anonymous said...

Are you schizophrenic ? ;D

Art Vandelay said...

Only in the moonlight

Nefarious Demon said...

it is frickin poetry... and i love the me.. totally!